What is Marble Armour?

Marble Armour leverages MORE AntiEtch technology to leave a lasting protection against etching and staining of precious stone surfaces. AntiEtch is an ultra-thin, UV-cured coating that forms a permanent solution against staining and etching on acid-sensitive stones. This treatment bonds with the stone, which is then sanded and polished to achieve the desired shine level, whether honed or polished. Once applied, it becomes an integral part of the stone and does not change its appearance.

What is Marble Armour made of? 

The composition of AntiEtch's coating is one hundred percent solid and is derived from a water- based solution. Its unique chemical formulation is based on acrylic cross-linking technology. 

What is the difference between Marble Armour and a film protector? 

Marble Armour is a water-based application that gets rolled on and cured to become part of the stone countertop. Marble Armour has many benefits over film protectors, including a crystal-clear finish with no air bubbles, no plastic feel or look, and no de-lamination ridges. Marble Armour can be repaired with a service call if scratched or damaged, and comes with a 10 year warranty against etching and staining. It will also be more cost-effective over the 10-year period as you would have to reapply a film protector multiple times over that same time frame. 

Is Marble Armour only for countertops?

Yes, Marble Armour is only suitable for countertops. 

Is Marble Armour good for both residential and commercial applications?

Certainly! Marble Armour is a versatile solution for both residential and commercial projects. Its efficacy has earned it a reputation among esteemed clients such as Sands Group (Venetian), W Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, and Hudson Yards.


How do I obtain a Marble Armour quote?

To receive a Marble Armour quote, please Contact Us with your name, location, desired finish (honed/polished/leathered), and approximate square footage of the surfaces you would like treated, and a member of our client success team will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

How do I book a Marble Armour service? 

Once you have received a quote, bookings can be done directly through your dedicated client success representative.


How is Marble Armour applied?

The application process for Marble Armour is a rigorous one, commencing with the careful grinding of the stone surface to remove any existing etch marks, and to ensure that the treatment has a durable and perfectly smooth surface to adhere to. Following this, the liquid is rolled onto the surface, levelled out, and subsequently cured using UV light. After it has been cured, the product is polished to the desired level of shine to offer optimal aesthetic appeal. 

Where can Marble Armour be applied? 

Marble Armour boasts an extensive range of applications, including installation on both new and pre- existing surfaces on site, as well as at fabrication facilities before the slabs are installed. 

Is the application process messy or does it have an odour? 

Our applicators prioritize safety and take every necessary measure to mask off and shield the designated treatment area. In addition, we utilize cutting-edge, dustless sanding technology, which allows for a pristine work environment, free of unwanted debris. MORE AntiEtch is an entirely water-based application and contains no VOCs, making it an environmentally-conscious choice. While a slight odour may be present during the curing process, there are no harmful emissions or health risks associated with the product during or after treatment. 

If the stone has been previously sealed with a premium stone sealer or enhancer, can Marble Armour still be applied?

Certainly! Our team of expertly trained technicians will meticulously remove the existing sealer by means of grinding during the surface preparation stage. Typically, previous sealers do not pose any issues, unless an oil-based product was used, which is a rare occurrence. 


After the treatment is applied, can you use any home cleaning products on a regular basis or does it have to be a specialized stone cleaner?

Proper maintenance is vital for all marble surfaces, and utilizing a neutral pH cleaner is key in preventing the accumulation of residue. For optimal results, we highly recommend using the MORE Stone & Quartz Cleaner, a reliable solution that guarantees a spotless finish every time. If this option is not readily available, soap and water serves as a suitable alternative. 

After 10 years, can Marble Armour be applied again to the stone? 

Marble Armour has the potential to last for more than a decade and can be refinished multiple times throughout this period, contingent on the quality of care it receives. In the event that it's time for a replacement, the existing AntiEtch treatment can be effortlessly removed and reapplied to the same stone, guaranteeing longevity and preservation of its aesthetic appeal for an additional 10 years. 


What Isn’t covered in the warranty? 

Scratching is not covered under the warranty. 

I would like to apply Marble Armour to my marble surfaces. How can I obtain a quote?

To receive a Marble Armour quote, please Contact Us with your name, location, desired finish (honed/polished/leathered), and approximate square footage of the surfaces you would like treated, and a member of our client success team will be in touch with you within 48 hours.


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